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    Dar's By Design - All The Frogs!

  1. Frog Checkers. Please give it a try and let us know what you think. Click_Here to play.

  2. Concentration - It's not totally frog related, but there is a frog involved. Click_Here to play.

  3. Tetris - Okay, we admit it has absolutely nothing to do with frogs, but we still love the Tetris Game. Click_Here to play.

  4. A Java - Frog Jigsaw Puzzle to solve. Solve the puzzle and we'll provide you with the frog graphic as Free Frog Desktop Wallpaper that is not offered on our Wallpaper page. Your browser must support Java.

  5. Memory Frog Game Test your memory and see how good it is... or isn't. Click_Here

  6. Remember the old Lickety Splat Game? It's here too. See how many flies you can help our frog eat! Click_Here

  7. Free Desktop Frog Wallpaper created with Debbie Orlean's Photos. I'll be changing the wallpaper offered here off and on -- there will always be many frog images.

  8. Kermit The Frog and The Frog Prince Video  -  Click Here

  9. Kermit The Frog and Sandra Bullock Phenomenon Video  -  Click Here

  10. Kermit The Frog and The Mystery Box Video  -  Click Here

  11. A Java Frog Applet; our Flower Eating Frog. Our frog is compliments of Debbie Orlean. Your browser must support Java.

  12. Another Java Frog Applet; our Silly Little Frog Applet frog. Your browser must support Java.

  13. An oldie, but still a goodie, the Lake Applet. Dar's version of The Lake Applet with Kermit The Frog and others. Your browser must support Java.

  14. With gratitude to Royce B. McClure for allowing us to share, we present his Frog Artwork.

  15. Our Aspiring Artists... under the age of 18... Frog Art.

  16. Lady Artiste, all grown up now, but we still hang on to her Frog Border/Button Sets for your own web pages. If you like Debbie Orlean's Frog Photos, you'll love what Elina has done with them.

  17. These are my own meager Frog Creations. I haven't added any in years, but can't bring myself to do away with them.

  18. You'll find a frog or two Here, on our Animation Page. Animated gifs are pretty much a thing of the past, but we still can't bring ourselves to throw them away.

  19. Our very own Spud The Frog. Ryan is all grown up now too, and we're feeling old, but we keep his old web site for when he wishes to re-visit for old time's sake.

  20. Last, but not least, our Links Page which includes links to the best frog sites we could locate. We don't list all, only the best (in our opinion).

    Offered on other pages, but we promised you, on this page, all the frogs on the web site.

  21. Frog In A Blender compliments of -- Click_Here to download the zip file.

  22. FrogPult, an old game that appears to still work on Windows XP -- Click_Here to download the zip file.

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