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Dar's By Design Web Design and Domain Hosting:

We thoroughly enjoy web design and hosting, but we particularly enjoy just having fun. In this endeavor, our primary goal is to make our web site a fun place for our visitors. If we've done our job well, you'll want to come back often and invite your friends.

All The Frogs On Our Web Site:

We have links to all the games, photos, images, free wallpaper so you don't miss a thing. Click_Here

Frog In A Blender:

Frog Blender
Click Here
Click on the frog to the left and download and unzip "Frog In A Blender"
An oldie, but still a goodie.

Cyber Frog Lover:

How's this for being a frog lover?!?! One of our friends and visitors, Keith, sent us this photo of a computer he built for his wife, Sandra. We love it! And we are quite jealous!

Click Here For a Closeup View

Web Design

Need assistance with the  design  of your site? We have what we feel is the best team around. Because we enjoy our work, we don't charge outrageous fees. You won't find more personal and prompt support anywhere. We don't just design and walk away; we stick with you for at least a full year and beyond -- for as long as you wish.
grace Image Map
Click On And
Tickle The Tulip!

Most everything pertaining to a web site is included in our fees including personal, one-on-one service.

We're extremely pleased to offer Macromedia Flash and especially grateful to our newest partners, Buddy and Bella. Buddy is the artist behind our own Macromedia Flash page.

We offer the team of Dar (Washington State), David (New Jersey), Buddy (Florida), Kyle (Pennsylvania), and Ian (Belgium) for your web development needs. We offer David (New Jersey) and Kyle (Pennsylvania) to fulfill all your database needs. David is proficient with PHP for our Linux Servers and Kyle is our hero on our Windows Servers. An International team specializing in Internet Web Design and Web Hosting, Domain Hosting, Planning, Implementation, and Development. Database, Software, and Internet/e-Commerce Development.

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